TEL:(903) 792 - 8788
FAX:(903) 792 - 8988
5001 West Park Blvd., Texarkana, TX 75503
  • 1French Fries3.00
  • 1Edamame (Boiled soybean)3.50
  • 3Spring Roll3 pcs3.50
  • 4Age TofuGently tried bean curd with sauteed salad on top served with tempura sauce3.50
  • 5Garlic ShrimpFried shrimp with garlic sauce 5pcs4.95
  • 6Shumai6pcs steamed shrimp dumpling4.95
  • 7Fried GyozaPan fried dumpling served with dumpling sauce 6pcs4.95
  • 8Sweet Potato Tempura (6pcs)4.95
  • 9Grilled Chicken on Stick4.95
  • 10Vegetable TempuraAssorted fried vegetable served with tempura sauce 6pcs5.25
  • 11Ebi TempuraFried shrimp served with tempura sauce 3pcs5.25
  • 12Miso MusselMussel with spicy sauce5.95
  • 13Beef Roll5.95
  • 14Chicken Karaage (Garlic Chicken Nuggets)5.95
  • 15Ika Ring (Breaded Calamari)6.95
  • 16Scallops Fry (breaded Scallops)6.95
  • 17Grilled Beef on Stick5.95
  • 18Grilled Shrimp on Stick6.95
  • 19Chicken Tempura (4pcs)6.95
  • 20Soft Shell Crab(genily Fried Soft Shell Crab with Spcial Sauce)8.95

16% gratuity will be added for a party of 6 or more.
Gratuity is pooled and divided among your chef's and wait staff.