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Sushi Rolls(6 or 8 Pcs)
  • 1Cucumber RollCucumber and sesame3.95
  • 2California RollCrabmeat, avocado and cucumber5.95
  • 3Salmon RollFresh salmon and cucumber5.95
  • 4Tuna RollTuna with wasabi5.95
  • 5Vegetable RollAssorted vegetable5.95
  • 6Rock'N RollShrimp tempura, avocado, yamagobo and tobiko5.95
  • 7Spicy Tuna RollChopped tuna with chef's spicy sauce6.25
  • 8Spicy Shrimp RollShrimp, avocado and cucumber with spicy mayo6.25
  • 9Acadiana RollCrawfish and avocado6.25
  • 10Alaska RollSalmon and avocado7.25
  • 11Philadelphia RollSmoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese7.25
  • 12Eel RollBaked eel and avocado7.25
  • 13Cowboy RollFresh beef, cucumber and asparagus with spicy mayo7.25
  • 14Crab RollCalifornia roll with snow crab on top7.25
  • 15Tiger Eye RollSmoked salmon, cream cheese & jalapeno tempura roiled in soy bean paper7.25
  • 16Texarkana RollBoiled shrimp, snow crab, asparagus roiled in soy bean paper7.25
  • 17Crawfish RollSoft shell crawfish tempura, avocado and cucumber7.95
  • 18Soldier RollAssorted fish with spicy sauce and cream cheese fried in tempura style7.95
  • 19Crunch RollSnow crab, avocado and crispy crumb8.25
  • 20Triple Sec RollSalmon, tune and yellow tail with fish roe outside8.25
  • 21Phoenix RollTuna and salmon sushi roll fried in tempura style8.75
  • 22Tokyo RollSpicy salmon, avocado w. snow crab spicy tuna & wasabi tobiko on top9.25
  • 23Dragon RollShrimp tempura, cucumber with fresh eel on top9.25
  • 24Grifth II RollTuna and cucumber in spicy mayo w. tuna, escolar and avocado on top9.75
  • 25Texas RollSnow crab, avocado, cucumber with wasabi tobiko9.95
  • 26Hawaii SummerEscolar and avocado w. albacore tuna, lemon and spicy sauce outside10.25
  • 27Spider RollSoft shell crab tempura and cucumber10.25
  • 28Caterpillar RollEel, cucumber with avocado, eel sauce outside10.25
  • 29Spicy RollSalmon, yellowtail & cucumber in spicy sauce with spicy tuna on top10.95
  • 30Snow Eel RollEel, avocado, cream cheese, massago, deep fried w. eel sauce outside10.95
  • 31Rainbow RollCalifornia roll wrapped w. assorted fish11.25
  • 32Sponge Bob RollShrimp tempura, eel and cucumber with fish roe outside11.25
  • 33Tiger RollSalmon, tuna and yellowtail with eel crispy crumb outside11.25
  • 34Fuji RollShirmp tempura, smoked salmon, and cream cheese11.25
  • 35Lover StoryShrimp & salmon tempura, asparagus & cucumber roiled in soy bean paper11.95
  • 36Volcano RollSalmon, cucumber & jalapeno w. spicy tuna, snow crab & crunch on top12.25
  • 37Osaka RollEel, crabmeat, shrimp, asparagus and cucumber roiled in soy bean paper with fish roe outside12.25

16% gratuity will be added for a party of 6 or more.
Gratuity is pooled and divided among your chef's and wait staff.